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Corporation Name:Newtech Autoparts Ent. Co., Ltd
English Name:新祥國際股份有限公司
Unified Business No.:16305366
Services & Products:Autotech Autoparts Ent. Co., Ltd


Newtech Autoparts Ent. Co.,Ltd.

We are a Taiwanese owned & operated business based in Taipei. We have had approximately 18 years experience in trading business mainly in the area of automotive spare parts, accessories and many other miscellaneous items requested by our business partners.

Presently we are supplying goods from Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia to enable to obtain the most competitive prices and fast delivery to meet the company goal in providing the best services to our valuable partners.

We are looking forward to establish a harmonious and trustworthy relation with you and kindly do not hesitate to contact with us just simply click the above Contact us bottom if you have any inquiry or questions.

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Service Zone:China, S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, Africa


Address:9F No.70 Min Chuan W. Road,Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.